Take a Break from the Holiday Sugar Fest

Why is it that every household in America loads up the Christmas dessert table with tempting, delicious pies, cakes, cookies, cobblers, candies and other delectable delights that you are not supposed to touch with a ten-foot pole!  Everywhere you turn, there’s one cook outshining the other, making Moravian cookies, empanadas, baklava, and other delicacies that are sweet enough to rot your teeth and expand your waistline before you can return home.  Sure, Christmas is a time we love to celebrate the traditional recipes and remember those who so lovingly prepared them for us.  But they would not get the compounded dessert tables weighed down with so much food, warning bells go off.  If you have exercise equipment in your home, that’s great, but if you don’t, getting a gym membership would be a smart move right now.

There is an alternative to the annual Sugar Fest, and that is to order a colorful and nutritious Edible Arrangement.  Fresh fruit arranged in a pretty vase with grapes, cantaloupe, applesand other colorful chocolate dipped fruit always elicits ooo’s and aah’s from the crowd.  They line up for the fresh taste of the fruit, and the delicious, mouth-watering juice that drips from each bite.  And you will see the same reaction when your basket from Edible Arrangementsarrives.  But before you order it, be sure to grab a money saving Groupon code from their site so you can take as much as 20% off your purchase.

This season, when people are looking for every price break they can get, it’s good to know that thousands of retailers and businesses have teamed up with a mega-site like Groupon to bring their customers additional savings they can’t get anywhere else.  Even those who had never tried online shopping find it so easy to use Groupons they search the site before making most purchases.  Either way, they are joining millions who find a new way everyday to save with Groupon.  This season, when the emphasis seems to be on eating all the food in site, check Groupon and make sure one dish they have will actually be good for them – a beautiful, Edible Arrangement.

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