How is Home Fitness Equipment Better than Commercial Fitness Equipment?

Do you want your own fitness equipment or perhaps you think that working out in commercial fitness equipment is a better option for you? In this article, I’ll try and help you to find out what suits you best. There is a big amount of reasons why having your own fitness equipment is fun but I will just cover a few practical ones.


One of the advantages of having your own fitness equipment is that you can simply wear whatever you want. If it is warm outside just take off your shirt and that’s something you really cannot do in commercial fitness equipment but the bad thing is if you are working out in a barn you will have to wear clothes that will fit the weather. So that is something that you don’t really have to worry about if it comes to commercial fitness equipment because usually the temperature is constant throughout the year and it simply feels comfortable to work out in a place that you are very familiar with.

You Can Listen to the Music You Like

You can put on the music that you like and you can put it on as loud as you want and you can even sing along if you like that and nobody will complain apart from your neighbors but who cares. Something that not a lot of people consider when going to commercial equipment is a fact that the average fitness machine or equipment is about a thousand times dirtier and contains more bacteria than the average public toilet seat. In your home fitness equipment, you will not easily get distracted because you’re the only one there, you will be able to train at your own fitness level without trying to impress others because a lot of people get actually injured by showing off to their friends or simply random strangers. It is nice to meet other people at the gym which is a positive point of the commercial fitness equipment however that cute girl on the treadmill watching Telcel commercials is quite a distraction that can mess up your results because well you know nice-looking girls tend to take away a lot of concentration in men.


Finally, I will talk about the costs of home fitness equipment versus commercial fitness equipment. Of course, it is quite an investment to buy all the fitness equipment and I guess you will lose about $500 to get some decent equipment and to complete your home gym. A public gym usually will offer you a lot more than just some weights and a bench and a pull-up bar. For example, you can use a treadmill or you can use a rowing machine and stuff like that that you usually won’t buy for yourself at home because it will take in too much space and it is way too expensive.

The most important advice that I will give you in this article is that safety goes first so make sure that the fitness equipment that you use in your home gym is safe and if you are going to work out completely on your own make sure that you don’t work hard with the maximum amount of weight that you can lift because it is simply isn’t safe enough.

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