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Get your own copy of the Core & The Floor programme
(designed by Lisa and Fiona)

DVD & FREE resistance band only $34.95!  (Save $10 off the orriginal price of  $44.95)

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It's all about being your personal best


One third of all women who have ever had a baby, suffer some form of urinary leakage.

(statistical source: New Zealand Continence Association www.continence.org.nz)


This unique package will assist women to improve their health and fitness levels. It will increase core muscle strength, improve urinary control and may even enhance sexual response.

"The Core & The Floor" a revolutionary post-pregnancy exercise programme designed and endorsed by health professionals.

The easy-to-follow DVD includes everything you need to know to enjoy a healthier body following the birth of your baby. Created and lead by two health professionals, the evidence-based education and exercise programme is demonstrated by new mothers. Exercises specifically target the muscle groups essential for post-natal fitness, using safe and effective techniques:

  • You will learn which exercises are safe following vaginal or caesarean delivery, and which exercises can be harmful and must be avoided.
  • The beginner, intermediate & advanced exercises demonstrated, ensure you work at the most appropriate level to quickly achieve your fitness goals.
  • Using a fit-ball, and combining elements of pilates, yoga, and tai chi, the programme is a fun way to get fit.
  • Exercise in your own home, in your own time (whilst baby is sleeping), and receive expert guidance throughout.

Be empowered by our BONUS Education Section. Learn more about:

  • The pelvic floor.
  • The abdominal muscles.
  • Good posture and how to care for your back.
  • Extra information on exercise following birth, and nutrition tips to keep you feeling energised.

The benefits of exercise following childbirth include:

  • Improved core strength and spinal stability.
  • Improved muscle tone.
  • Improved pelvic floor strength, for improved bladder control and sexual response.
  • Post-baby weight loss.
  • Enhanced sleep patterns and reduced stress.
  • Improved posture, balance, and co-ordination.
  • Improved self-image/esteem, decreasing the incidence of post-natal depression.
  • The satisfaction and sense of well-being that comes from knowing you are nurturing yourself and your baby!


For almost 12 months, following the birth of my first child, I experienced severe pelvic pain – just walking and lifting my baby was difficult! I bought a copy of “The Core and The Floor” and, by regularly practising the exercises Lisa and Fiona demonstrate, I’ve gained an understanding of how to steadily improve my fitness, within a realistic time frame. I have now regained my muscle tone, I no longer have any pain, and will definitely use the DVD after the birth of my next baby.

Melanie Sunderland, Victoria, Australia

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